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Meet the Key Team Members

Alastair McColm

Alastair was here before time began, 25 years now and still he hasn't been paroled. Alastair has considerable experience over a wide client base and there are few businesses that he hasn't come across over the years.

Outside the office Alastair has an interest in wildlife conservation, science and collecting old books, how many other accountancy practices have in them a complete ninth edition (circa 1875) Encyclopaedia Britannica!

Gordon Cardew

Behind bars almost as long as Alastair, Gordon arrived at 10 Main Street as a trainee in 1989 and although he escaped briefly in 1997 he came back in 1999 to form McColm Cardew. Like Alastair, Gordon has experience of a wide range of client structures and business types.

Outside of the office Gordon will either be found walking his Golden Retrievers or in the garage spanners in hand working on something with wheels, 2 or 4, and an engine, he's really a frustrated engineer at heart.

Adriana Plummer

Adriana used to travel worldwide having an interest in local cultures, but now after 15 years of living in the UK has discovered what’s on her doorstep and what English culture has to offer (although she still complains about the English weather) Adriana lives in hope of being the discovered by Manchester United and being their first female first team member, she’s learning all her football skills (or should that be lack of) from her 3 year old son.

Jo Kenny

Jo takes care of running payrolls on behalf of our clients.

Outside the office Jo has no spare time, being kept busy by looking after her grand children, she provides an excellent 'kid's taxi service'. When Jo does get a holiday, she and her husband enjoy travel to exotic countries, the rest of the office makes do with postcards.